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Friday, July 9, 2010
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Please note this service applies to your English writing. Our communication will be in your preferred language.

People are always asking me to correct their important e-mails. Business offers, complaints, requests,  anything that requires persuasive language. My success rate in with these emails is nearly 100%, and it’s interesting work, so I’m now offering it professionally.

Thank you for the interesting emails over the past week! I’m adding a satisfaction box below for your feedback.

I’m working on a new website devoted to professional email corrections. This page is an introductory offer and to prove my claim of perfection, the price is

6 euros (150 CZK) for a short mail (>150 words)

2.5 cents (1 CZK) for each additional word.

Just copy & paste your email below and I will contact you within 1 hour with price confirmation and exact time of completion. Usually you can have your corrected email within 2 to 3 hours.

For sample emails over the years, click here and enjoy!

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