Negotiation Service

Engaging an independent, professional negotiator is one extremely effective way of increasing your chances at the best negotiated outcome. With multi-faceted experience in hundreds of deals, Howard knows how to choose the right role in any negotiation situation. Projecting a pleasing measure of objectivity, he will, at times, recommend the other party’s point, with or without concession. At times, he will just remain silent and signal you when necessary. (hover here for explanation on signals)

Using tried and tested, best-practice negotiation and problem solving techniques, we provide training, coaching, preparation, presentation and de-briefing assistance for all commercial, workplace and other critical negotiations. Thanks to the initial training, you will have many tools to present your own case.

Representing you and your interests with the overview of an owl, the process moves along that much smoother. Your stress level will be greatly reduced.

The improved quality and outcomes of your deals will more than cover your ROI of hiring a professional negotiator.

Know that you can rely upon the support of a highly experienced professional negotiator, with you all the way.

We work with you to produce professional and successful negotiations:


  • Identify and prioritize your interests and positions.
  • Diagnose the other parties’ objectives, interests and positions.
  • Reality check and re-prioritize your position.
  • Gather and analyze background and supporting information.
  • Evaluate the potential impact of macro and micro issues.
  • Develop negotiation strategies, including options and BATNA.
  • Coach and prepare your team for the negotiation.


  • Assist the negotiation process, including active or passive participation in meetings.
  • Evaluate the progress and status of current negotiations and facilitate prompt tactical modifications in response.
  • Document the entire progress and outcomes including, if required, liaison with lawyers, stakeholders etc.


  • De-brief your negotiating team to recollect and evaluate the process, to ensure acquisition of skills and taking full advantage of the learning experience.


Before invoicing, we will evaluate the probabilities of several potential outcomes. We will agree on the conditions of our (concise and transparent) contract; if the result of your negotiation is below those expectations, you will not be billed for our services. In other words, if you are dissatisfied with our arrangement, there is no charge.

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