Memory training

half-day workshop

A foolproof way to remember practically anything you need. From long lists of words, links of items to numbers, even prose and poetry, these techniques make memorization an automated process. Even if you don´t use them all the time in real life, they are great tricks you can show your friends at the pub.

  • Initial group discussion: different kinds of memory, how it is inexorably linked with our well-being.
  • Body of program: Techniques demonstrating how to remember everything we need, including names, words (e.g. foreign vocabulary), dates, appointments, product information, the list is practically endless.
  • Final stage: discussion about further applications of these techniques – so we don´t forget them!

The goal in all these seminars is to learn to apply these techniques each and every time we learn or teach something. It is of paramount importance to take with you what you learn. After you try these techniques and see how effective they are, you will be ready to use them in your daily life. This is learning at its best!

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