Speed Reading

half-day workshop

There is more to read and less time to read it. With the internet and our handy devices, we rely on a huge amount of information and there’s just not enough time to read it all.

Furthermore, the reading process is slowed down by subvocalization, or silent speech. As our eyes scan the text from left to right, we tend to sound the words out in our head. This means we internalize one word at a time. For most people, reading takes about the same time as speaking – and that is just too slow for our purposes!

Speed reading is focusing our vision from point to point on the page, using peripheral vision to read the surrounding words. Imagine focusing your eyes at the one-third point and then the two-thirds point on each printed line. Your eyes shift zig-zag down the page. Your peripheral vision notices the words surrounding your focal points and your brain puts it all together, faster than any computer.

This is obviously faster than word-by-word focal points across every line.  Now we internalize one chunk at a time instead of one word, and this makes subvocalization practically impossible (eliminating it)!

Once you realize how great it feels to read a page of information 2-3 times faster, and without having to hear every word in your head, I believe you will be amazed for yourself. You will have a new skill to apply immediately and for the rest of your reading life.

This works best on non-fiction material like news, magazines, textbooks, articles, etc. With speed reading, the goal is to process the information, not to enjoy the prose. I don’t recommend speed reading through Shakespeare or Faulkner; the literary style would be overlooked and that would be a pity!

My guarantee is that you will be reading at least twice as fast after a few days of practice. If you take the course, do the homework, and are not satisfied with this new skill, I will refund your payment immediately.

  • Initial discussion: different reading styles and how they slow us down; how the new techniques can help us get through texts much more quickly.
  • Reading tests: benchmark our current situation.
  • Body of program: Various exercises, techniques and tests to measure progress.
  • Final discussion: How to further improve speed/comprehension with self-study.

The goal in each workshop is to learn to apply these techniques every time we are in a learning situation. It is of paramount importance to take this learning with you and to use it from time to time (even every day). This is accelerated learning at its best!

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