Emotional Intelligence: how it can improve your life!

2-hour presentation

I haven’t heard anyone ever complain about too much emotional intelligence. Everyone seems to agree that EQ is the most important thing people don’t know much about. What is it then?

EQ is the knowledge of how to react to situations.

When a setback happens, we can either complain about it, we can lose sleep over it, we can have thoughts of revenge. Or we can take it in stride and make the best of it.

How you react to situations (good and bad) will determine your own personal mood and the mood among the people around. Whether you have to rescue yourself after a faux-pas or attend to someone who needs your attention, with a healthy EQ you will be able to resolve anything with more ease.

How does that work?

By replacing destructive thoughts with constructive thoughts, you train your mind to react pro-actively. You learn how your ego is working against you and you gain oversight into your own stability and self-control.