Moderator & Master of Ceremonies

Now you can breathe easily!

Your event is on, and Howard is leading the program, making the guests feel at ease, and you can stop worrying that everything will go alright. He is at the microphone and connecting with your guests in a way no other speaker can. Enjoy your evening – everyone else is!

His tasks include:

  • Welcoming and directing the guests
  • Directing event activities
  • Following pre-determined schedule
  • Making all announcements tastefully
  • Introducing special guests
  • Controlling the flow of activities
  • Impromptu speaking, entertaining
  • Leading guests in activities (activities can be chosen by you)
  • Answering audience questions
  • Making schedule/activities adjustment as required
  • Insure that the honored guests are ready for each activity
  • Announce special awards
  • Introduce other entertainment

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