Self Motivation

Self-Motivation for Managers & Employees

1 day workshop

What is Motivation?
As defined by Robert Epstein, the world´s foremost expert on motivational theory: “Motivation is an internal state of arousal that often precedes behavior”.

How can we influence our motivation?
Motivation techniques can help us behave in a certain way, to strive toward achievement. With a little will power, we use these techniques to create a lot of discipline; this makes life a lot more manageable!

8 Competencies to boost individual motivation:

  • Manage your environment
  • Manage your thoughts
  • Set goals
  • Maintain a healthy life-style
  • Make commitments
  • Monitor your behavior
  • Manage stress
  • Manage your rewards

How can we achieve these competencies?
These techniques have been developed over the years by extremely successful people. In our workshop, we will go through the steps to formulate our short and long-term goals. This is the first step in creating your own destiny.

How is this workshop different from others on the market?
This course is designed for people to motivate themselves, not only to motivate others. For most people, this is the key to personal productivity.

The goal in all these seminars is to learn to apply these techniques each and every time we learn or teach something. It is of paramount importance to take with you what you learn. After you try these techniques and see how effective they are, you will be ready to use them in your daily life. This is learning at its best!

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