Be a Better Leader


2-day workshop

“A good Manager does everything right. A good Leader always knows the right thing to do”

Increase your effectiveness, both within your team and your organization. In demonstrating and comparing the different “leadership styles”, we de-mystify why some people get better results from their team than others.

Who Should Attend:

This program is designed for middle to senior-level managers who need more than just a theoretical course on how to get the most out of their personal productivity and lead a team through change. It would help if you have already been through a Leadership or similar training; this will build on that with practical experience.

Program contents and benefits:

  • Strengthen your personal credibility
  • Examine and practice emotional intelligence
  • Practice and experience various leadership styles
  • Transactional and transformational leadership
  • Discover how Emotional Intelligence + Creativity = Effective Leadership
  • Leadership coaching – use the chart for key questions
  • Beliefs, patterns and rules
  • Understanding and managing group dynamics
  • Project yourself as an empathetic leader
  • Announcing a decision
  • Selling an idea to a team
  • Encourage group creativity – lively, productive meetings
  • Build and utilize individual talents
  • Promote team spirit with simple incentives
  • Motivate and empower others with perfect feedback
  • Your team’s productivity and their professional satisfaction
  • Bring more value to your company

Training Methods:

The interactive character of this leadership development course is intended to improve on the skills and experience we’ve developed in our working life. In addition, we will be practicing and demonstrating new techniques of persuasion, in a flow of case study role-plays, with immediate peer and trainer analysis and feedback.

Participants will also develop a case scenario from one or more of their own organizational issues, complete with interactive video activities.

The setting will be a bit hectic, with everyone doing something at all times. There will be constant coaching and discussion of best practices. Time permitting, participants will receive individual feedback. One month after course completion, you will receive a short post-course evaluation form for further succinct consultation.

It might be helpful if you could bring any typology report you have done recently (MBTI, etc) with you.

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