Vocal hygiene and use

for respect and authority

half-day seminar

Studies have proven that people with clearer, deeper, more projecting voices are yielded more respect and taken more seriously. The secret is in the belly. That´s where singers and actors get their voices from. It´s very easy to learn, and your voice will probably change immediately, deeper and clearer. The side benefits are numerous, with the voice comes self esteem.

  • Initial group discussion: the voice in general, how it has been used over the ages. How we use our voices, how we can get more out of our voice and why we should.
  • Body of program: Techniques and exercises of the physical aspects of voice.
  • Final stage: How to maintain good vocal hygiene and projection so we never lose it.

The goal in all these seminars is to learn to apply these techniques each and every time we learn or teach something. It is of paramount importance to take with you what you learn. After you try these techniques and see how effective they are, you will be ready to use them in your daily life. This is learning at its best!

It is possible to combine several of these modules in a single training. You can choose which modules you want to be included and we can discuss how to impart them as directly and effectively as possible to the participants.

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