Speaking Appearances

Hire Howard to speak at your special event!

Are you looking for a unique surprise for your employees or guests?

Now you can hire Howard to speak at your event – his entertaining, educational themes and interactive speaking style are guaranteed to capture the attention of any audience and positively motivate them to action. They might even learn something!

Charismatic, charming, intelligent and quick-witted, Howard’s engaging personality and stage presence make him a genuine crowd-pleaser

Available in English, Czech, Dutch

A welcome breath of fresh air at your

Dinner / Cocktail Party

Family or Company Event



You can choose the format you prefer:


Choose an interesting topic and Howard can speak from 20 to 75 minutes to any group at any level.

Master of Ceremonies (MC):

Any banquet that has separate parts (music/speech/award/etc), needs an MC: the thread that ties all the elements of the program together so people get the desired benefit of the events. Your MC creates a light-hearted atmosphere, makes sure all goes smoothly at the perfect tempo and ensures your event will be remembered for a long time after.

Topics include:

How to give the right instructions

Brain Gym: get those hemispheres working together

Emotional Intelligence: how it really can make your life easier

Increase your powers of perception

EQ & Leadership: how they go hand-in-hand

Work-life Balance

8 Intelligences and how to increase yours

Self-motivation and concentration

Time Management in 5 minutes a day

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